Bye Weezy

Although Dewayne Carter is due to turn himself in today for a 12 month bid at Rikers, it will not be the last time we hear from him this year. My man Weezy is constantly in the studio. Im sure, once he's rocking his orange jumpsuit we will be blasting some new heat from him. It will be interesting to NOT hear from him on other artists tracks for a while, because we all know, Wayne is the 'FEATURE KING.' Merely a chorus of his raspy but hypnotizing voice is enough to develop a TOP 40. At most times we may not know what he's saying but we love him nonetheless. Many have followed his career since his days as a Hot Boy, and others jumped on the wagon after Drought 3. Whenever you fell in love with Wayne, I think its fair to say, he is one of the best rappers alive. Not only has he made himself a star but he is responsible for the recent sensation of his crew Young Money, with members such as Drake, Jae Mills, Nicki Minaj and Tyga, Wayne will undoubtedly still have his influence in music while he is serving time. So its not goodbye, but we'll see you lata Weezy. Dont drop the soap. x0x0

Heres one of my faves. 'Back on My Grizzy'

Many of you may have been introduced to Kelly Cutrone on episodes of 'THE HILLS' or 'THE CITY' but Bravo has given her, her own reality show rightfully titled, 'Kell on Earth.' For those of you who are not aware, Kelly Cutrone is the head of Peoples Revolution: A Fashion PR firm. I love her work and her drive. She has worked hard for where she is , and is not amused by the abundance of 'fashion girls' that have attacked LA and NY in search for their big break. I was disappointed that Project Runway left Bravo, but I am delightfully pleased to get a weekly dose of 'Kell on Earth.' Im sure you will enjoy.

I saw these Kate Spade 'genny' pumps at my job awhile ago, and I immediately fell in love. :) "simplefunkychic" is a look that is to die for. These heart pumps by Kate Spade retail for $325, and would be the perfect accessory to your Valentines Day date outfit. Wearing all red on Sunday may be a tad cliche.So go for all black or neutrals, this bold pop of red color will set your outfit off just right. Kate Spade shoes are comfortable, so if you plan to dance all night, or go for a walk after dinner...Im sure you little piggies won't mind. So hurry ladies and pick up these shoes before Sunday. They can be found at any Nordstrom located near you, or you can just head over to for your pair.

Is Daddy Home?!

Honestly, I thought Usher was a wrap with the last album he put out. 'Confessions' was a certified smash.... but 'Here I Stand' was left there to stand on shelves of music stores across the country. But now Usher is coming back to the scene. Fresh out of a divorce, he hit us with 'Papers, ' telling the world how much a mistake it was to marry Tamika, and that he was so glad to be signing his papers. LOL :) Usher.... But his single 'Daddy's Home/Hey Daddy' is one of the best songs I have heard in a long time.

This song has a feel good vibe, seasoned with subtle sexual innuendos with a rhythm you can play in the club or in the bedroom. I cant wait to be in the club when this song comes on. Hey Daddy ;)

I also feel like the title 'Daddy's Home' is relevant to Usher's career. Letting his fans know,that, "Im back, I know you missed me"
Well said Ursherrrr. Welcome back babe... x0x0

With less than a week until Valentines Day, you have many left in limbo. Women are without valentines. Men often go off into hiding around these times in fear of commitment or spending a few dollars. Couples are pressured into spending hundreds of dollars to top last year's gifts. Children across America are forced to give Valentines to all of their classmates, despite their dislike for them. High schoolers are left out if they weren't popular enough to receive a carnation or rose from a classmate.

Why is it that you're either blissfully in love, or left extremely depressed on Valentines Day? Many times people lose sight of the real meaning of a holiday, and get caught up in the hoopla. Despite your relationship status, there is someone on this Earth that you love, and who loves you back. Whether it be your mom, your brother, your best friend, or your cousin, show them some love this Sunday.

More often than not, I hear both men and women complain about the opposite sex. The women say the men don't want to commit. The men say the women aren't "wifeable." Both sexes are lacking something they feel they need for that successful relationship. I feel its necessary for everyone to get back to the basics. For myself, I don't need the candy, the roses, or an expensive dinner. Just give me some time and acknowledge the fact that we both care about each other.

I feel a correlation to the state of music, ad society's views of love is appropriate. As I sit here watching VH1 Soul, I find it interesting that all the heartfelt R & B ballads are dated back to the 90's. Boys 2 Men, Jodeci, Blackstreet, Exscape, SWV....the list goes on, but that is the R &B that I remember. The feelings they sung about is something I long for. But today it seems the hardest to find.

I encourage everyone to love themselves first and Happy Valentines Day, if you dont hear it from anyone else.... x0x0

Nicki Minaj has done it again. Im sure all of you know by now,how much I nagz wit Nicki Minaj. Here is a new track from her and Ron Browz. Its Hot. Definitely a club banger :) x0x0 Cant wait for that album to drop. x0x0


Usher is back. If he keeps on with production like this one. He will be back on the scene. 'Here I Stand' was the worst. Its often difficult for artists to top their major success. Some say thats why Lauryn Hill went crazy. who knows. Im feeling this song... reminiscent of the heartfelt emotions felt from 'Confessions.' He and his wife Tamika have split, so like any tru artist they express themselves through their craft. Usher is uber talented. I hope it all works out for him!!!! x0x0

i've never admired Rihanna as an artist. I always felt that she was a horrible live performer. But once she made her transformation from Island princess to good girl gone bad, she's kept my attention. Appearance after appearance she never fails to wow me with her outfit choices. Indeed she has the best stylist on the planet...Mariel Haenn... I wanna be like her when i grow up. recently Miss RiRI shut Dowwwnnnn paris fashion week. like whoa. im a fan!

Homegirl is shuttin it down! Respect.

Shout out to all my Barbies...heres a dance from famed choreographer Jaquel Knight (Single Ladies)...He has created THE BARBIE dance!!! Jaquel will be on hand to instruct the dance at Teen Vogue's Fashion Night Out! x0x0

Even tho I think the industry is over saturated with the hype of lil wayne and drake. . . This sampling is fire and its a hot song nonetheless. . .These two are clearly unstoppable, and you will hear lots more from Drake. He is due to re-release his mixtape So Far Gone on Sept 15th. No word yet on when actual album will drop from him. . . His buzz is crazy , I just hope his album lives up to the hype...because his videos sure haven't :0


You would think Obama was a middle school teacher at an assembly because of how rowdy these adults were..Once a gain, relax...get a grip. We need sum reform in this country, and everyone needs healthcare...especially when we have outbreaks of swine flu and ish really congress...smh!!!

w tee efff!!!

People can be so dumb and racist. When did it become a problem for students to watch the president on tv in class...oh when he became black. He's telling kids to stay in school for christ's sake. That woman needs to get a grip. really smh.

Today Thursday September 10, 2009 is NYC'S Fashion NIght Out!!

In the United States, American Vogue has joined with NYC & Company, the City of New York, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America to enliven again the consumer spirit that churns the economy and boosts the local industry of America’s fashion capital, New York City. Next only to finance, fashion is the second-largest sector of industry in New York City—the headquarters of more than 800 fashion companies employing 175,000 people and generating $10 billion in total wages. At City Hall’s May 20 press conference to announce Fashion’s Night Out, Vera Wang said, "To put it bluntly, if people don’t shop, people lose their jobs."

The first evening of New York Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out will encompass festivities galore— from inventive window displays to model and celebrity appearances. Champagne may flow; hors d'oeuvres may be passed. Rumors of musical performances, downtown barbecues, shoe capsules, limited-edition rings, and sweepstakes abound. Apparently there will be makeovers, brow bars, and haircut stations at sundry spots, too.

If You r in NYC. . . U need to be there!!!!

The 'Run this Town' video will premiere today...But I couldn't wait any longer. Anyone who knows me, knows that I go so hard for Jay, he's my fave. . . Kanye is a genius as well. The words he couples together to murder a beat is like no other. His verse on this track along, places him at the top of my MC list. Rihanna has never been a favorite of mine, but shockingly enough, this video has made me like her a little bit. Finally she portrays a lil flava...'put some pep in her step' as some would say.

I think this video is creative. I haven't seen a video in a while that kept me intrigued until the ending. Seeing these three SUPERSTARS in the video got me hype. These three are like a little fam. Rihanna and her two big brothers. Who could ask for anything more... It's be hot if Beyonce would make a feature on the remix

AND to no suprise...Rihanna styling in this video blows my mind. Like really. U can't even hate. The stylist for this video went off! Def feelin this one!!


Ever loved an an artist's music but were disappointed because they're album flopped.. and you never heard from them again? Ever watched an award show and said to yourself, " I love 'So n So' but WHY did she wear that? Ever gotten mad at the radio stations because they play the same song every 15 minutes when there is a plethora of better quality musical selections out there? Ever said to you self."I wish their PR or A&R team would get it together"?

Well..I definitely have...smh. As a music and fashion fiend. Often times I am highly disappointed at the individuals that call themselves professionals. In fact, I get quite angry. When you think of it, the 'regular' person's entertainment relies on the expertise of professionals such as PR reps, A&R executives, stylists, DJs, producers, and the artists themselves... They are supposed to know...what is hot...and what is not. Have they forgotten what they liked to listen to when driving to the club with their crew on a Saturday night? Have they forgotten the importance of individuality and innovation in an industry that is supposed to exude such? Clearly they have.

If it was up to me..there are several artists that I would love to give a career makeover to. . . First on the list


Why oh Why this girl has not blown up is beyond me...Moses was signed to sum indi label in which she debuted her first album:Complex Simplicity...CRACK> Every female I know had all her songs on heavy rotation..Backstroke was on playlists around the world! She has a sophmore album entitled Young Lioness due some time in 2009..hmmmm...

One of My Favs...

I looooove this dude> I feel that his flow is fresh and like no toher MC in the game. He spits with animation and that UP NORTH flava that I digg... He was poppin for a quick he's working independently..putting out and being featured on mixtapes..I hope he makes it big somewhow...

One of My Favs. . .

Songwriter, songstress, a beautiful girl..talented..buut not quite blowin up the charts as expected. She broke out onto the scene with her debut hit 'Why Dont We Fall In Love"... Loved it... Sh has gotten sum play on the R&B or Pop Charts but I think she should be way more poppin than she is...I blame A & R...The way her voice serenades over the horns and base is amazing!!!They need to push her to the public so much more!!! Her most current album: In Love & War is set to for release this fall. Good Luck to her!! Im really feelin her single out right now..WHY R U..certified banger....

I found this remix today....

LAST BuT Not Least..MARIO!!!

I've always loved Mario...I think he smashes alot of rnb dudes in the game right now...! He has hits every time his album drops but def not on super star status.... I feel like he needs a new team...who will make the public fall in love with him...His fourth studio album entitled D.N.A is due to drop Sept 29th. cant wait.....

Here is sum throwback mario for yal!!

OHHH BUT WAIT> If I could give a makeover to anyone..It would be LIL MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!
I feel like her and her BFF sit in her dressing room like, "Ohhh Girl thats hot... Ur killin em wit that one!" KILLING US INDEEEDDDDDD!!! Like where they do that at???!!!


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